New Heartbeats post this week featuring Talya Macedo!

I met Talya several years ago when I was on the board of the Exposure Festival. I was organizing the closing night party and really wanted to include some hip hop dancing. I’m not even sure how we came into contact but she was immediately supportive of my vision and we continued to keep in touch beyond the event (she put together an all girl group and they were rad.)

I think I was most nervous about starting a fashion blog because of knowing Talya. I tell people “no, you don’t understand—she’s legit!”. Talya works for online fashion magazine, Kenton, as Fashion Editor & Digital Lead. Follow her on social media and you’ll see her sitting at New York Fashion Week and getting previews of all sorts of designer goodies on a daily basis. Obviously, my focus here is different; I’m working on self love and highlighting the personal style of people of colour around me/inspiring me. Ultimately, it was a silly concern as Talya is nothing but supportive; doing everything to help and participate, despite a super busy schedule. It’s a beautiful thing to have extended community like Talya cheering you on from wherever they may be, and I’m over here cheering her on too.

Full interview on the blog

All photos by Karen Campos.
Some Vivek action for the fans too.

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